Fitness at Home

In addition to being a Yoga Teacher I am also a Certified Personal Trainer. I have gotten a few questions regarding fitness equipment to use at home. Here are some of my favorites! I like these products because they are effective and don’t take up too much space.

Thera-Band MiniBands

These mini band barely take up any space, are portable, and super effective! I love using them to work on my glutes and hips. The different colors equate to different resistance levels. To order click the following link:

TheraBand Resistance Band Loop Set, Pack of 4, 12 Inch Band Loop Kit for Legs & Butt Workouts, Beginner to Advanced Levels for Exercise, Rehab, Physical Therapy, Stretching, Strength Training


Dumbbell Set 3, 5, and 8 pounds

The weight of your dumbbells will depend on your fitness ability as well as the particular exercise you are performing. A dumbbell set is great because you have a few options to choose from and the price is typically a little lower than purchasing singly. These don’t take up much space and can be used in many different ways. To learn more or purchase this item click the link below:

BalanceFrom BF-D358 Dumbbell Set with Stand, 32 lb


Dumbbells 10 pounds

Sometimes you might want to use a heavier dumbbell in your workouts. I love the Hex design of this one because it stays secure against the floor as opposed to rolling away as the rounded ones tend to do. Please note that the following link is for a single dumbbell, so if you want 2 be sure to choose that quantity. To learn more or to purchase click the link below:

Weider Rubber Hex Dumbbell – 10 LB


Gliding Discs

Gliding discs are a versitile piece of training equipment and can easily fit in your gym bag or purse. You can use gliding discs to strengthen your core and get some cardio too! Did someone say Mountain Climbers? This particular style can be used on hard floors as well as carpet. To learn more or purchase click the link below:

A AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders, 2 Pack Dual Sided Exercise Gliding Discs Use on All Surfaces, Light and Portable, Perfect for Abdominal&Core Workouts


Foam Pad

This thick foam pad creates an unstable surface for working on balance. The pad can also be used to progress an exercise. Doing bicep curls while standing on the foam pad is an easy way to get more of a challenge all while creating more stability in your body. I also use mine as a cusion for my knees when working out on all fours. To learn more or to purchase this item click the link below:

ProsourceFit Exercise Balance Pad 15 x 12 – Black


These items should help you start your own home gym! Let me know if you would like to book an on-line personal training session to learn how to use the equipment in the best way to reach your fitness goals! Do you have any additional favorites for working out at home? I’d love to hear about them!

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