Class Descriptions

Triangle Pose on the Severn River

All Levels Yoga

All-levels yoga is a great class for a brand new yogi all the way up to the most experienced. Poses can be modified to provide the student with a more gentle or more challenging practice. This is a Hatha class influenced by Para Yoga and Anusara Yoga.

Level 1 Hatha Yoga

Level 1 yoga introduces beginning and continuing students to the fundamental principles of alignment and breath work. Emphasis is on standing poses, stretching and strengthening of the legs, back and shoulders.

Level 1/2 Hatha Yoga

Yoga I/II builds endurance for continuing students who have completed level I. Level I poses will be refined and level II poses are introduced.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a fun, invigorating practice in which you link breath and movement while dynamically flowing through a series of semi-advanced yoga asanas (postures). Alignment and breathing are emphasized and as you move in and out of poses, the mind quiets and the body experiences more stability, strength and flexibility.

Yoga Fundamentals/Beginner Yoga

Yoga Fundamentals/Beginner Yoga is an introduction to yoga designed for the yoga novice. You will learn basic poses, breathing and relaxation.

Aqua Yoga

This all levels practice takes place in the therapy pool which is heated to 89 degrees. Practicing in the soothing water allows students to have a greater range of motion while taking pressure off of the joints. This is the perfect class for those who find practicing on land difficult.


Create greater balance and stability while increasing strength in this circuit style class. Exercises can be modified to be more gentle or more challenging. Use your SPCC Group Fitness Punch Card or Drop In.

Senior Fitness

A slower paced version of Well-Fit designed for those who may have more difficulty with balance and stability. Chairs are available. Students must be able to stand, walk, and sit unassisted as the instructor is working with multiple students at the same time. Use your SPCC Group Fitness Punch Card or Drop In.