Saying Goodbye

I originally wrote this on October 27, 2017.  This was just an unfinished, first draft that I wrote in the moment.  I was going to try to finish it, but I think it’s better just like it is.  It is completely raw and real.  I miss my little buddy.


Yesterday, my family and I said goodbye to our sweet, 15 year old chihuahua.  Tigger was the love of my life.  My husband and I got him together, taking a leap of faith, and bringing this little bundle of energy and joy into our lives.

At the time, I was miserably working as a restaurant manager.  I never knew why I had that job until now.  It lead me to Tigger.  One of the hostesses, Brandy, knew how much I wanted a chihuahua.  She had been to the mall that day and saw a beautiful blonde chihuahua.  She insisted that I go meet him.

The next day, my husband and I went to the mall to meet this little guy.  I really didn’t believe I would end up going home with him.  Wasn’t it irresponsible to get a pet in your 20’s?  Whoever believes that, just hasn’t lived!  Now, I know that buying pets from a pet store is a no-no, but this was over 15 years ago, and it actually was difficult to find chihuahua puppies locally.  I don’t think petfinder existed back then.

The staff at the store had us wait in a little room.  The door opened, and in walks this spunky, confident, 2 pound cutie!  He had a rope toy in his mouth and bonked his head on a bench.  He took a squat and pooped on the floor.  It was love at first sight.  He climbed into my lap, I looked at the staff person and jokingly said, “do you finance”?  To my surprise, the answer was yes!  This little guy was coming home with us!  Tigger was the best $1000 (plus interest) that I have ever spent.  I would pay 10 times that to see him again.

Tigger provided me and my husband with so much joy, love, and laughter.  We also shed plenty of tears as he had a habit of eating things that he shouldn’t and even required a surgery to remove a piece of sidewalk chalk that he couldn’t pass.  Chihuahuas aren’t the best dogs for babies and children, but even so, our kids loved him too.


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