Filling Up My Cup

I signed up to participate in Hanuman Academy’s Yoga & Self Mastery Summit. It is a free, week long, online summit featuring master yoga teachers and consciousness leaders. I scanned the featured presenters and was sold immediately! Rod Stryker. Say no more. My Yoga Teacher Training program featured 5 days with Rod Stryker. He is an amazing yogi, orater, and a genius for sure. I enjoyed those 5 days of training so much that I went back for 5 days the year following. His trainings are incredibly rich. I know I only absorb a small percent of the lectures and am patient knowing I will continue to learn.

The subject of the talk that Rod Stryker gave was Challenges and Opportunities for the Modern Yogi. I decided to watch and listen. It was amazing. I highly recommend checking it out. Tantra was discussed for much of the talk. I love Tantra. The idea of a methodology that leads you to be a better version of yourself if you PRACTICE is just the answer to everything to me. Another topic in the talk was tapas. I’ve focused my practice and teaching on tapas in the past, but I now feel I understand the topic a bit more clearly. I look forward to digging deeper.

About a month ago, I went to LoveLight Yoga & Arts Festival. The message I took home was: PRACTICE. This was a huge message of the talk today. Practice. Also, have a teacher. Someone who has explored this methodology for themselves. One other message was to be selective with regards to your teacher. I am ready for a teacher. I definitely have “modern yogi” challenges as I work teaching yoga and care for my 2 young sons. My lifestyle makes traveling to study with a teacher quite difficult and then there is also the financial aspect involved with travel. I am currently looking for local teachers that I may be able to practice with. I am being selective as I am ready to have a deeper practice. Here’s the thing though. Have I gone to a class this week? No. I won’t find my teacher that way. I must commit to doing it. I must practice tapas and go to class even if I need to clean the house, feed the dogs, etc. It will only make me a better version of myself.

How did you find your teacher? I’d love to hear from you.



Blissing out at LoveLight Yoga & Arts Festival after an amazing

Dharma Yoga class. 2017.

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